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Splicing Samples and Rates

Panda Rigging splicing descriptions & labor prices (5/10/2013)



Continuous Spinnaker Sheet with Y-Tail

This arrangement is for asymmetrical spinnaker sheets. It is lightweight while allowing a full cover on the sheets providing better grip for foredeck crew when helping facilitate jibes.

Labor charge: Request pricing


Continuous Loop  Control Line

Continuous Loop  Control Line

This solution is great for double-ended mainsheets and headsail furlers that require a continuous loop. The core has an inline butt splice.

Labor charge: Request pricing



Chafe Tip to Fully Covered Line

Great for cruisers, this option reduces chafe to halyards at the sheave box when the sails are hoisted.

Labor charge: Request pricing



Cover to Core Taper

Cover-to-Core Taper

Favored by racers, the cover-to-core taper greatly reduces the weight of halyards and sheets. The cover remains on the portion of line that is on deck when the sails are hoisted, and where the line needs protection from deck hardware like organizers, lead cars, rope clutches, and winch drums.

Labor charge: Request pricing




Pig Snout (Cover Back Splice)

The pig snout is our favorite way to finish the bitter end of a line and eliminates fraying. It is durable and has a clean look, without any need for external whipping.

Labor charge: Request pricing


12 strand

12-Strand Eye Splice

Single braid or uncovered cores of high-tech ropes can use this splice. It is a stronger and less bulky replacement for a bowline knot, particularly on heavily loaded lines. We can install a shackle or a thimble if needed.

Labor charge: $12.00 per splice


Double Braid

Double-Braid Eye Splice

The strength of double-braided rope is shared by the core and the cover, so this is a core-to-cover splice. It can be used with a shackle, thimble, becket, or anywhere a bulky, unsightly bowline knot might otherwise be.

Labor charge: $16.00 per splice


Snake's Belly

Snake's Belly

We use this technique to thicken a section of line for better grip on rope clutches and winches. It is perfect for customers who desire a lighter, high-tech line, but don't want the expense of replacing their rope clutches with ones that can grip smaller line diameters.

Labor charge: $20.00 plus materials


High Tech Splice

High-Tech Eye Splice

The strength of high-tech ropes is entirely due to the core. Since the core takes all the load, this splice is core-to-core. The cover remains around the eye to protect the core and is nicely finished with a whipping.

Labor charge: $25.00 per splice


chafe tip

High-Tech Eye Splice with Neoprene Boot and Chafe Tip

Our custom-made boot stretches over the shackle and protects the mast from dings as well as preventing the shackle from snagging life lines, while the chafe tip greatly improves the durability of this wear-prone area.

Labor charge: Request pricing



 12-Strand Eye Splice with Thimble

12-Strand Eye Splice with Thimble

We highly recommend this splice to customers who want to replace their stainless steel lifelines with 12-strand, high-tech line. The thimble makes it much easier to use an adjustable lashing to tighten the ends of the new lifelines.

Labor charge: Request pricing


continuous loop

Spliced Dyneema Loop

These loops are a super-strong, lightweight, soft attachment for blocks and other hardware — a great alternative to a steel shackle for many applications.

Labor charge: Request pricing


Racing Sheet Taper

Racing Sheet Taper

An exposed core with a tapered splice greatly reduces unwanted weight from the clew of a headsail. For the racer, this is a necessary feature for jib and spinnaker sheets.

Labor charge: Request pricing


Reeving Splice

Reeving Eye Splice

We finish the ends of all our halyards with a reeving splice. The eye allows easy attachment of a messenger line so the halyard can be pulled through the mast. And because the splice is only on the cover, it is small and pliable so it won't get stuck when passing through exit slots and sheave boxes.

Labor charge: $6.00 per splice