Custom fabrication of composite parts, built in our shop to meet your specific needs

Custom rigging projects often require designing and building special parts that will properly integrate the system into a specific boat or deck/cockpit layout. 

We use Composites One resins with an infusion molding process to create laminates of superior strength and appearance. The result – strong, lightweight carbon fiber parts perfectly suited for your racing or cruising needs.

Samples of parts built for our customers


B&G 20/20 Instrument Pod

Mount your instruments at the mast with this strong, light-weight part. This is a very popular way for your whole crew to view instruments essential to successful sailboat racing.

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Melges 20 Shroud Ramp Cover
Melges 20 shrouds are attached to an adjustable car on a ramp. During lazy jibes, spinnaker sheets tend to get caught on this assembly. These carbon ramp covers eliminate the problem and they look great! They're made-to-order and sold as a set. Contact us for more information.


Mast Crash Pad
These crash pads have become very popular with our J/105 customers. They protect the front of the mast and extent from deck level up to the gooseneck's height. Jib sheet shackles and jib clews tend to beat up this area with great frequency. We use a special layup of carbon, glass, and kevlar cloth to make a thin yet incredibly durable shield. The one shown here was quickly made using an existing mold. However, we can custom build one to fit any spar section, or mold similar pads to any part of the boat where protection is needed. Contact us for more information.


Cleat guards
We came up with this slick solution to the problem of sheets and guys getting fouled on foredeck cleats. The system uses two carbon fiber chocks connected by heavy-duty shock cord. To install, simply stretch the two chocks apart, fit them over the cleat, and let the shock cord pull them snug under the cleat's horns. Upon returning to the dock, they can be removed just as quickly and stowed below decks. We have 2 sizes that will fit a wide variety of cleats. This is a made-to-order part. Contact us for more information.